Wolff & Pool
as legal advisors.

Our lawyers have gained many years of experience in advising and assisting private individuals and companies, from small local businesses and medium-sized enterprises to international corporations.

As a well-rehearsed team, we support you individually, committedly and competently. In addition to your matter itself, we focus on flexible and personal support with clear and timely communication.

We advise you on specific legal issues and assist you with the legal set-up and implementation of your projects, in particular with the negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts and the enforcement of your claims or rights. We further advise you on key decisions as well as imminent legal disputes to help you to achieve the best possible outcome. Selectively as required, or holistically as an external legal department (Legal as a Service). Allowing you to focus on your core business.


General contract law (law of mandate, law concerning contracts for work and services, sales law, distribution contracts, etc.)

We support you in the preparation and negotiation of contracts of any kind, including the following contracts:

  • sale & purchase agreements
  • contracts for work and services
  • agency contracts
  • service agreements
  • lease agreements
  • employment contracts
  • non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • brokerage contracts
  • agreements to conclude a contract

In addition, we advise you on issues related to the execution of your contracts (such as liability, warranty or default) and on the termination of contracts (cancellation, termination).

We are also happy to draft or optimise your general terms and conditions (GTC).

Finally, we take on your legal representation in legal proceedings to enforce your rights or to defend against unjustified claims arising out of your contracts.

Employment law

We advise both employers and employees on all employment law issues and represent them before conciliation authorities and courts for employment matters, in particular regarding the following topics:

  • employment contract (incl. collective employment agreements)
  • personnel regulations
  • employment reference letters
  • bonus payments
  • overtime
  • disablement/Illness/sick pay
  • termination (ordinary, immediate, abusive termination)/exemption (“garden leave”)
  • bullying/discrimination
  • internal investigations (criminal acts)

Construction law

We advise and represent architects, engineers, specialist planners and contractors of various works as well as owners in the questions of private construction law (contract for work and services or mandate law).

We help you to draw up and negotiate the relevant contracts and to enforce your rights under them. Among other things, we offer support with

  • contractual issues
  • contract drafting and negotiation
  • disputes concerning remuneration
  • additional remuneration from supplements and directorial works
  • registration of or defence against builders’ liens
  • defects and questions of defect rights
  • acceleration measures
  • default

We accompany numerous companies in the construction and real estate industry in their day-to-day business with all legal questions that arise and regularly take on their legal representation for the enforcement of or defence against claims in proceedings before courts and arbitral tribunals (e.g. according to the SIA standard 150:2018).

Family and inheritance law

We advise private individuals in the field of family law and inheritance law, namely with estate planning, with drafting of wills and contracts of succession or contracts dividing an estate.

In addition, we represent you in inheritance-related disputes, such as actions for challenge or declaration of invalidity of wills, with claims regarding compensation (so called “hotchpot”) or abatement of benefits, and in proceedings regarding the division of estates.

Corporate and commercial law

We support companies and their founders, owners, board members and managing directors in all areas of corporate, corporate and commercial law.

Among other things, we support you regarding

  • establishment of companies (in particular of stock corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and associations)
  • capital increases or reductions
  • amendments to the articles of association
  • transfers of registered office
  • conversions
  • questions on company law in general
  • capital loss/overindebtedness
  • liability claims
  • needs of corporate housekeeping (e.g. in the preparation and conduct of shareholder or general meetings including keeping of the minutes, updating of entries in the commercial register, updating of the required directories, etc.)
  • drafting and negotiating contracts of all kinds (including shareholder and partnership agreements)

Tenancy law

We advise and represent both tenants and landlords in all questions of tenancy law.

Among other things, we support you regarding

  • questions about your lease agreement
  • drafting and negotiation of lease agreements
  • defects
  • rent increases or reductions
  • rent on deposit
  • termination or challenge of lease agreements
  • extension of the lease
  • expulsion of non-paying tenants

In this area, we are also forensically active before conciliation authorities and courts for tenancy matters.

Litigation and arbitration

As experienced trial lawyers, we advise and represent you in all matters of civil proceedings and arbitration for the enforcement of claims or defence against unjustified claims. We advise you pre-litigation on optimal process preparation, evaluate and inform you about your possibilities and claims, work with you to develop the best strategy, support you in settlement negotiations for consensual dispute resolution and, if necessary, represent you in legal proceedings. In conciliation proceedings, with interim measures, in legal proceedings before courts, authorities and arbitral tribunals, in appeal proceedings or for the enforcement of judgments.

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Debt enforcement and bankruptcy

Our lawyers have gained many years of experience in advising and representing companies and their governing bodies as well as private individuals in all strategic and procedural issues relating to insolvency proceedings.

We advise and represent creditors, debtors and third parties in bankruptcy and debt collection proceedings and litigation. We are committed to the efficient enforcement or defence of claims and support you in particular in the following matters:

  • debt collection requests, summons to pay, objections against summons to pay
  • setting aside of objections against summons to pay
  • distraint and seizure of assets
  • bankruptcy proceedings (bankruptcy notice, declaration of insolvency, notification of over-indebtedness)
  • personal bankruptcy, debt restructuring
  • pledge-secured claims
  • enforcement of security deposits
  • civil proceedings and appeal proceedings

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Criminal law / white collar crime (incl. internal investigations)

We advise and represent private individuals as well as companies and their bodies in matters of commercial criminal law, general criminal law and ancillary criminal law, both as defence lawyers or as representatives of injured parties at all stages of criminal proceedings. From the drafting of criminal complaints or assistance during (police) questioning to representation in court proceedings, we ensure your procedural rights and help you to assert your claims.

In addition, we support you in the internal processing of criminal offences and, if necessary, conduct internal investigations at your company as an independent external authority.

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Road traffic law incl. administrative measures

We advise and represent private individuals and companies in matters relating to the Road Traffic Act (SVG), with a particular focus on the representation of accused persons in connection with offences against the Road Traffic Act (SVG) and related criminal investigations, summary penalty orders and court proceedings as well as related administrative measure proceedings before the cantonal administrative authorities (Road Traffic Office, Administrative Court).

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