Wolff & Pool
as trial lawyers.

As experienced trial lawyers, we regularly represent domestic and foreign companies and private individuals in proceedings before courts and authorities (including in criminal proceedings) as well as before arbitral tribunals.

As specialists in dispute resolution, we know how to enforce your rights efficiently and effectively. We advise and support you holistically, both pre-litigation as well as during the proceedings before the various instances.


Litigation and arbitration

In the field of litigation, our lawyers have gained many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. As a law firm with its core competence in dispute resolution, we provide comprehensive advice to private individuals as well as companies and their governing bodies in all matters of civil litigation and arbitration in the field of civil and commercial law and represent them in proceedings before conciliation authorities, courts and before arbitral tribunals.

As experienced litigators, we provide you with comprehensive support from the conclusion of the contract to the eventual settlement of a dispute, both in the enforcement of rights and claims as well as in the defence against unjustified claims, in precautionary measures, in appeal proceedings or with the enforcement of judgments.

In the event of a dispute, we assist you in the pre-litigation phase with the optimal preparation of the case, analyse the factual and legal situation, assess your chances and risks of litigation and evaluate the best strategy for you together with you. We are efficient in the preparation of legal submissions and represent and accompany you when court hearings and appointments with authorities take place. At all stages, we take into account the possibilities of an amicable settlement of the dispute so that you can make the best possible use of your resources, both financially and in terms of time.

As experienced party representatives, we also support and represent you in national and international arbitration proceedings (conducted under the rules of, for example, the ICC, Swiss Rules, LCIA, DIS or VIAC as well as SIA Standard 150 for construction arbitration proceedings, or ad hoc). And we sit as arbitrators.

Debt enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings

Our lawyers have many years of experience in advising and representing companies and their governing bodies as well as private individuals in bankruptcy and debt collection proceedings and litigation.

We advise our clients on all strategic and procedural issues of insolvency proceedings, on the best possible protection of their assets and the enforcement of their rights as creditors or debtors.

As creditors, we support you in all matters and work towards the efficient enforcement of your claims against insolvent debtors or debtors unwilling to pay, both in Switzerland and abroad, from the initiation of debt collection proceedings, through the setting aside of the summons to pay, to realisation and distribution. In addition, we also support you in the enforcement of security deposits and the realisation of pledges.

As debtors, we support and represent you in all matters from the service of the summons to pay, through the attachment or bankruptcy proceedings, to the conclusion of the proceedings, in order to protect your rights as well as to defend you against unjustified claims and demands.

In addition, our specialists have gained many years of experience in representing creditors, debtors as well as third parties in court proceedings in the context of bankruptcy and debt collection proceedings (such as e.g. corporate liability claims or freezing injunctions) and in appeal proceedings before courts and supervisory authorities.

Criminal proceedings

As criminal defence lawyers, we advise and represent private individuals as well as companies and their bodies in matters of white-collar criminal law and general criminal law in connection with criminal proceedings brought by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland and the cantonal public prosecutors’ offices. We defend you in a goal-oriented manner and assert your procedural rights in all phases of the criminal proceedings.

As representatives of injured parties, we advise and represent companies and their bodies as well as private individuals in criminal offences committed to your detriment. In doing so, we support you both in the internal processing and any internal investigations as well as in the drafting of a criminal complaint and represent you in the criminal proceedings in order to exercise your procedural rights and enforce your claims.

In addition, we also represent accused persons in the area of criminal law, in particular in connection with offences against the Road Traffic Act (SVG) and related criminal investigations, summary penalty order and court proceedings as well as related administrative measure proceedings before the cantonal administrative authorities (Road Traffic Office, Administrative Court).

We make sure
that your case does not become an experiment.